Hiccup entered from the kitchen, balancing an array of dishes on his arms. It was date night with Astrid and he had insisted on cooking this time. Much like his mother, Astrid’s cooking abilities were anything but extraordinary.

Though, Hiccup wasn’t really sure if his were much better.


I cried at the Stoick part.


30 Days of Summer Time Doctor Who



Day twenty-nine: Who is your favorite Time Lord other than the Doctor? The Rani? The Master? 

Does DoctorDonna count? Or maybe Jenny? I don’t think River does. Jeez, it’s all a bit confused isn’t it? Well, my favourite Time Lord that is without a doubt full Time lord (no tricky stuff) is the Master (wool, John Simm!).

Who’s your favorite non-Doctor Time Lord?

I have to say The Master. As bonkers as he was, he was absolutely brilliant and at one point was good friends with the Doctor.



Since the doctor who tumblr started this whole #newtowho thing I though; why dont I just use my mind and it’s limited english vocabulary and try to express it in words.

Being a whovian doesnt just mean being part of a fandom.
As cheesy and corny as it may sounds, it means being…

Home is where the TARDIS and stories of the Doctor remain in our hearts.